Welcome to SpeedoServers!

Welcome to SpeedoServers!
Here’s the place to find best dedicated servers managed and unmanaged, Virtual Private Servers (or V.P.S.) and cloud Servers, fast, reliable, secure and lowest prices ever with no hidden charges such as V.A.T. or setup fee that most of the websites  will not show you at the beginning as their “Sales and Marketing” strategy.

Our network has spread worldwide, therefore we can provide Dedicated Servers or VPS in quite a few modern ‘Sate of Art technology’ data-centers in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and Korea, specifically in the following cities:

– Amsterdam
– Frankfurt
– Nuremberg
– Falkenstein/Vogtland
– Lenoir
– London
– Paris

– Buffalo
– Chicago
– Dallas
– Las Vegas
– Los Angeles
– New York
– New Jersey
– Seattle
– Montreal
– Toronto

– Moscow

– Seoul

If you would like a specific location for your server(s) or a specific server configuration like for example a particular type of ‘Intel processor’, memory (RAM) or Hard-Drive, at the end of your order can be found a blank field where you can write down the desired location or particular configuration of your server. We will do our best accommodate your requests.

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A Word from C/O on 13 Nov, 2017

Hi everyone!
First of all I would like to thank all our customers who trust us and rented their dedicated servers or VPS.
Then, I would also like to thank to our TST (Technical Support Team) for their great work and continuous support.
I will ensure that our products, services and ratings will be top of the lists and the prices will remain unchanged.
Thank you all !

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