What 'Web Hosting' means ?

Web Hosting
is the activity or the business of providing storage space for a web site/web-page on a web-server located in a data-centre that is permanently connected to Internet.
If you have a website that needs to be visible on the Internet for the whole world, all you need to do is to have your web site hosted with some Web Hosting provider

Therefore, the web hosting service provider, provides the necessary network, technologies and services needed for your website (or your web-page) to be viewed on the Internet by anyone from any place on the planet that has a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

Websites are hosted (or stored) on special machines (computers) called web-servers. All web-servers are located in Data-Centres. The Data-Centres are specially designated IT buildings where all the racks in which the web-servers are mounted in are kept safe, at a certain temperature of 68–77 °F (20–25 °C), monitored by IT and Security staff and CCTV systems.

For a website to continuosly run and be visible over the Internet, is not enough to get that web-space aqcuired, you will need to get a web domain name for your website which is the action of registering a domain name.
A domain name can be registered by you in just a few minutes for minimum 1 year period of time and the prices are ranging between £1.00 -to- £9.90.
If you do not have a domain name registered, the web hosting company will help you register one in a few minutes, check here all types of domain names, how to register a domain in minutes and what the prices are: Register a Domain name
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