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Like any other website that we own, speedoservers.com has been secured on its both two main parts (WP & WHMCS) and overall as well by installing a SSL Comodo Certificate on its domain name for all web-pages. Besides the two site’s seals located in the footer section, you can do an extra check by cliking on the ‘green padlock [Secure]’ located on the browser’s bar, left corner up. A new small window will pop up where you can find ‘Certificate/valid‘ link and further, another available link to Comodo’s ‘Issuer Statement‘:

Comodo SSL Certificate Information for SpeedoServers.com

Comodo SSL Certificate Information for SpeedoServers.com

The entire website (WP & WHMCS) is being updated regularly basis and scanned for malware viruses as well, to ensure that all transaction performed within speedoservers.com website are always safe and secured.

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