The Technical Support

We got five engineers working around the clock to ensure that all our servers and customer’s websites are running smooth. Also, we’re getting additional support from the data-centers technicians 24/7/365. Our Technical Support Team is there for you 24/7 with the instant online Ticketing system that never shuts down. For emergency situations, Monday to Friday (9:00AM-06:00PM) you can also text your issue to: +44-0743.212.4274. When you need help with your hosting account, VPS, server or with any domain (website) hosted on your server, all you need is to open up a ticket from your Client Account on our web-portal and we will do our best to resolve the raised issue as soon as possible. So any web-hosting related problems affecting the functionality of your domain (website) will be on us to fix it, you don’t have to worry about it. Problems within your domain (website) that are not web hosting related are not our obligation to fix them and those are web-programing/web-design. We also recommend that you don’t use free website templates downloaded from the Internet, as those free templates are not secured and very easy to be hacked or injected with malware/viruses by cyber criminals. Any domain (website) that we detect as being infected by malware/virus will be suspended and placed in ‘Quarantine’ to eliminate the damage done to the server and its main IP, or at least lower it as much as possible. Scanning and deletion of malware/virus will follow. Depending on each case and of the severity, the infected domain (website) might get archived by our support team and become available to the customer for direct download from the current web hosting space provided (within the control panel). No refund will be made for the remaining days to the end of web hosting service/billing cycle from the date of domain’s suspension, as the damage to our systems is always very significant.


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